History of Faculty

     With increasing demand for pharmacists in the country, Thammsat University had realized this the issue to establish the faculty of Pharmacy on the order of 1550/2554 on 8 September 2011.At the beginning, there was Prof.Dr.Narong Sarisuta as a Head of the committee and with a variety fields of experts of pharmacy areas. The faculty of pharmacy was formally established on 30 April 2012. The first dean of the faculty was Prof.Dr. Narong Sarisuta from 2012-2019. From the year 2012, the Faculty of Pharmacy was granted the budget to construct the building in collaboration with CICM, school of global studies to health sciences complex building with the utilization of 5th to 10th floor. The current dean is Assoc.Prof.Dr. Arom Jedsadayanmata from 2019.

     At present time, the Faculty offers pharmacy education at every level ranging from undergraduate to graduate (both Master and Doctoral levels) degrees in almost every aspects of pharmacy profession. For undergraduate study, a 6-year curriculum is currently offered. For graduate study, we offer a wide range of Master and Doctoral degrees encompassing from pharmaceutical research to pharmacy practices.